Minimizing the blog hosting costs

I have hosted this blog in Azure App Service (B1 Tier) for a few years now. This App Service have been worked in my Azure Subscription (Visual Studio subscription). Visual Studio subscription provides monthly Azure credits which can be utilized for testing Azure services. Visual Studio Enterprise provides Azure credits ~150€/month. This week I noticed that I forgot Azure API for FHIR up and running in my Azure Subscription which consumed all credits. After that my blog obviously stopped working and I had to invent something.

If you're interested about technical details of this blog check this post.

What I did?

In simplicity the plan was to change App Service Plan to Free Tier, crawl static content of the Blog and upload it to GitHub Pages.


1. App Service Plan change

The highest costs were produced by the App Service (B1) so I created a new App Service Plan with Free Tier. Free Tier enables compute time for 60 min/day which is enough especially when this App Service application is no longer the façade of the Blog. In this new model access to App Service will be also restricted.

2. Crawling the static content

I used application called HTTrack to crawl App Service (Free Tier) based site and copy static content (HTML, CSS, Images etc.) to my local computer disk.

3. Publish content to new hosting platform

GitHub Pages provides a free platform to host static files so this is a ideal home for my Blog. Solution is good because you can also use custom domain with GitHub Pages. 

What Next?

The current solution requires some of manual work to publish content to new platform. Later I'll investigate how to automatize publishing process using Azure tools.