How to create an Event Catalog?

I'm recently worked in a project where event driven architecture was used to distribute different events to multiple consumers. During the project we spend some time to think how to document events easily and how to create centralized repository for event schemas. I share some thoughts about event catalog in this blog post.


Importance of Azure Platform Governance

Azure Platform Governance is a strategic enabler which determines guidelines, processes and technologies how to build a secure Azure environment according to best practices and organization requirements.




Experiences about Finnish Personal Health Record data repository (part 1)

I recently familiarized about Omatietovaranto (Finnish Personal Health Record) data repository service and web interfaces in a work project. Omatietovaranto (PHR) is centralized national location for health and well being data which is produced or measured in applications or devices. This blog post gives you a short description about the service and technology requirements.

Hello Headless Blog

I decided to start a work related blog to share knowledge, solutions and experiences about different kind of technologies. I mostly work with Azure and MS technology in general so content of this blog will be concentrated to cloud and MS tech.